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I'm a Product Designer with a background in marketing & big data analytics. I transitioned into design because I believe that good experiences need to move beyond data and statistics; they need to be human-centric.

My previous experience in quantitative research helps me find the balance between design thinking and systems thinking. This allows me to bridge the gaps between business and design, making sure each design decision is intentional, delightful, and feasible.

I’m always up for learning new things. My current challenge is coding. I’ve picked up front-end programming and coded this website from scratch in 3 months.

I believe the key to being a good designer is first to be a good person. Kindness matters because design is about people after all. It’s the way you carry yourself, the things you do for the community, and how you treat people you're working with.

🌏 Traces on Earth

Trying to live a life worth remembering


When I was young, my family used to live with less than $2 a day. Growing up with adversity has instilled me with grit, humility, and empathy. Before 5000 people, I walked the crowd through the journey of a 7-year old boy and his life in Saigon, Vietnam.

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“Tomorrow we may pursue different careers and have different paths, but don’t forget where we came from. And we must never lose our kindness and character.”


I started the AIESEC Boston chapter and led a team of 25+ members. I facilitated soft skill development workshops, and helped match 28 students with global volunteer opportunities. In 1 year, AIESEC Boston became top 10 chapter in the AIESEC United States network.

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After my marketing internship with the Boston Mayor’s Office as a freshman, I was offered the Ambassador role. I served as a the community leader for Vietnamese immigrants in Dorchester. I facilitated workshops and translated materials to help low-income familities and individuals get access to free government financial services. In 3 years, I helped my community receive over $200k tax credit.

🤓 Fun Facts

Just a few interesting anecdotes

  1. I brew my own kombucha.
  2. I drove 3903 mile across America in 2018.
  3. I worked as a part-time bartender for 3 years in college.
  4. I lived in Madrid for 4 months in 2015.
  5. I stayed on the Canary Islands for 10 days to study astronomy.
  6. I competed in the Olympic Literature competition in Vietnam in 9th and 10th grade.
  7. I won 3rd place in a calligraphy competitition when I was 11.

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What’s in my head lately


Ocean Vuong
On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous

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Floating Action
Don't Stop Loving Me Now

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Venture, explore, reflect