Habit coaching

Build a client management platform to help habit coaches communicate and work with clients.


Pavlok is a start-up company in Boston that develops wearable technology to help users form long-lasting habits. The company wanted to integrate an online coaching service to its offerings.

Coaches wanted to have a simple, easy-to-use platform to communicate and work with clients. Existing solutions in the market weren’t a viable option for Pavlok due to the lack of customizability and integration with its wearable products. There’s a need for an in-house client management platform.


  • I joined Pavlok as a Freelance Designer. In 3 months, I designed the Coach module and provided remote support to the engineering team in Brazil and India. The project was advised by Alec Harrison.


  • May - Aug, '18
  • 3 months

Final concept

All design components were created with nested symbols in Sketch.